Tour de Sleek Calendars
We will desgin together a simple calendar to demonstrate how easy Sleek Calendars® is. Although it is available for anonymous users and guests, we recommend you to register so you can enjoy printing and saving your work at the end.

Design a new calendar:
Please click on Design section. The main window has 2 parts:
  • The left part which has the calendar options tabs.
  • The right part which host the designing tools panels which are hidden by default.
In the options panel you will see 3 tabs: General, Calendar & Design. Under General tab please start by selecting your language, the desired template, the paper size of the template and the text orientation.

In the second tab, you will see the range of the calendar, you can select One month calendar option to create only one month calendar or One year calendar option to create 12 months calendar. You can chose your weekends and when you start your work at your country.

Voilà! We are in the designing tab, but you can go back and forth from tab 1 to tab 3 freely until you are satisfied with your choices.

Now, it is time to customize your calendar. Sleek Calendars® has created 12 months for you or only one depending on your choice in tab 2. You can navigate between months by the arrows button on the top. The designing tools panels now appear in the right side.

But all the months has the same background color, font and photo. How could we change that? You can modify each month background color by clicking on the right Color Panel then click on the desired color themes. You can also select the preferred font family and variations for your calendar from Font Panel. Sleek Calendars® has a special image library which suits every one to make calendars and print them in a very high quality, you can select any photo from the Photo Panel to add it to the current month.

The best part of Sleek Calendars® is coming, use the save button at the top left part to save your design to our cloud database so you can continue your work latter. You will find all your saved calendars under Dashboard section. This option is for registered users only and registration is free.

Now we came to the excitement, after you are satisfied with your calendar, click on the print button at the top right part to print the current month using your printer. This option is for registered users only and registration is free.

Open a previous calendar:
Please go to your Dashboard and click on the design you would like to open and work on it.

Sleek Calendars® is the only software that achieves all those facilities for free. We are 100% free.